How Doing Laundry Gave Amir H. Fallah a Different Perspective on Painting

by Hypebeast TV
November 27, 2014

Amir H. Fallah is not your everyday artist. He truly embodies the modern renaissance man, taking on the roles of a painter, illustrator, photographer, and sculptor. What separates Amir from his counterparts is his unique approach to art, which we highlight in our latest episode of Pen & Paper. Known for his abstract renderings that are open to interpretation, over the course of three months, Amir took us through the process of the inception, followed by the gradual development of his most recent work, "Eternal Companion." Inspired by early influences such as skate culture, and it's encompassing ties with graffiti, coupled with his love for documentaries, Amir provides insight on how he views his his art as a "three dimensional biography." Interestingly enough, in the creation of "Eternal Companion," what many consider to be a timeless piece due to it's mysterious, enchanting nature that actively inhibits today's general satisfaction of closure when it comes to interpreting art, Amir intermixes modern technology -- digital cameras, and Photoshop in his creative process. Watch as Amir gets to work while our cameras roll, and be sure to stop by his art and design blog Beautiful Decay.