Amir H. Fallah Interview by Art Dubai

September 5, 2017

In his work, Amir H Fallah explores the idea of creating someone’s portrait without showing their physical likeness. Fallah, who began his artistic practice at the age of 12, has a sheer unquenchable thirst for work. He is interested in opposites as a way to create tension, which is, amongst others, a result from his two-fold artistic background of having had a very formal academic training on the one hand and worked on graffiti on the other.


Fallah was born in Tehran in 1979. He received his BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2001 and his MFA from UCLA in 2005, and has exhibited widely in solo shows across the United States and in the Middle East.


Produced by: Forward James Directed by Ted Beagles

Cinematography by Tim Obeck

Assistant Editor: Adonis Bdaywi Assistant Camera: Dalton Short