Artsy: 22 Artists to Discover at New York’s September Fairs

Casey Lesser, Artsy, September 8, 2021

Ahead of New York’s highly anticipated September fairs, we connected with galleries to hear about the artists they’re showcasing this week. Below, we share a selection of emerging and established names whose works are not to be missed at The Armory ShowFuture Fair, and Independent New York—and on Artsy.


Installation view of Annie Lapin paintings at The Armory Show 2021


Annie Lapin: The Armory Show, Shulamit Nazarian, Booth P34

Annie Lapin’s latest color-soaked paintings on Yupo paper are steeped in lush hues and roiling with gesture; foreground and background intermingle as hints of finely detailed figuration shine through. In Slipscape 2 (2020), for example, a creeping, manicured hand and the bottom half of a horse mix with stains of color and a blue sky dotted with clouds. These delightfully engrossing and enigmatic works are debuting at The Armory Show with Shulamit Nazarian, alongside canvases that similarly piece together moments of realism and abstraction in a brilliantly unpredictable way. The Los Angeles–based Lapin has held solo shows with Shulamit Nazarian and Miles McEnery Gallery in recent years; she’ll have a new show with the latter gallery in New York in 2022.

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