Trenton Doyle Hancock Public Sculpture in Downtown Miami

Congratulations to Trenton Doyle Hancock on the unveiling of his monumental public sculpture, Undom Endgle (Undom Endgle and the Mound Meat Cycle), 2022, in Downtown Miami's Miami Worldcenter.


Alongside Hancock's new sculpture, this 27-acre, mixed-use development’s public art initiative, led by Jeffrey Deitch and Miami-based curatorial collective PRIMARY, features large-scale works, murals, and sculptures by Nina Chanel Abney, Nick Cave, Franz Ackermann, Hernan Bas, Viktor El-Saieh, Serge Toussaint, Zadok Ben David and Woody De Othello.


Trenton Doyle Hancock grew up in Paris, Texas, to a family of evangelical Baptist ministers and missionaries. Supplementing his religious upbringing with comic books and Greek mythology, at the age of 10 he invented Torpedo Boy — an alter ego/superhero he still uses today. At this young age, Hancock already began to develop a singular mythology, which has evolved over the years. Ultimately birthing his own creation myth — as played out through paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, and installation — Hancock tells the story of the Mounds (gentle hybrid plant-like creatures) protected by Torpedo Boy, and their enemies, the Vegans (mutants who consume tofu and spill Mound blood every chance they get). These narratives explore good and evil, authority, race, moral relativism, and religion, all while creating a truly unique body of visual art referencing artists such as Philip Guston and Henry Darger, as well as making unapologetic nods to comic books, illustrations, animations, horror films, and toys.

Undom Endgle is the first female superhero in Hancock’s pantheon, and the most powerful being in the Moundverse. She was once a Mound, and evolved into a warrior goddess whose job is to protect the Mounds. 

November 28, 2022