Amir H. Fallah: Artists 4 Democracy Artist Talk Series

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Amir H Fallah Artist Talk! Sept 22nd 5pst/8est!

"Right now, we feel we have an immense responsibility to make sure everyone who is able to vote does. We hope to inspire more students to participate in November 2020. There are 12 swing states where just a few votes could tip the scale. Artists 4 Democracy mobilized our local art community in Southern California for the 2018 midterm elections. We saw for ourselves how even small engagements can bring big results. Partly due to our efforts registering voters, the student voter turnout at CalArts increased by 43.8% compared to the prior midterm election!

Between now and the election, we’re programming a series of talks with internationally recognized artists who will give an overview of their work and speak with students about the importance of voting and the significance of political engagement for them and their work. We are very excited to have, Amir H. Fallah, Lauren Halsey, Ruben Ochoa, Laura Owens, Christina Quarles, and Kandis Williams. We will also have a special media literacy focused talk presented by Scott Benzel. See zoom link and registration above.

Although open to everyone, we are focusing on offering these talks to art schools and art departments to incorporate into their fall courses. It’s a great way to expose students to professional artists while also getting them excited about voting!

Currently we have a growing series of online talks available on our website that you are free to use and incorporate into your syllabus at

Artists 4 Democracy stands with Black Lives Matter and all those who are mobilizing for racial justice. We believe that through the voices and actions of citizens real change is possible. 

We all have a responsibility to use our platforms to uplift Black voices and Black-led movement work. We are using our Instagram @a4d_artistsfordemocracy to amplify information on how and where to protest and other ways to get engaged and use your voice. 

We believe that true change is a multi-tiered process. We need people in the streets making their voices heard and holding people accountable. We need to organize to make sure that voting is accessible to all people. Then, we need to vote to make sure that those in power represent the people’s best interest. Protest. Organize. Vote.

Artists 4 Democracy was founded to help promote democratic and civic engagement by mobilizing artists to involve themselves in political action. Through voter registration drives, fund raisers and events we seek to foster and protect our participatory democracy."

September 22, 2020