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Wendell Gladstone Biography

Based in Los Angeles, Wendell Gladstone interrogates the hierarchical struggle among a cast of characters as they cycle through chronicles of rapture, unrest, and revolt. With source material ranging from historical European satirical cartoons to Aztec stone carvings, his paintings survey the boundless energy of the human psyche. With a bright, often candy-colored palette layered with transparent mediums that subtly reveal the forms beneath, his works immediately seduce the viewer and only later reveal psychologically charged subtexts.

Wendell Gladstone (b. 1972, Boston. Lives and works in Los Angeles) received his BA at Brown University, an MFA in Painting at Claremont Graduate University, and attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. He has exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions, including at Kravets/Wehby, New York and Roberts & Tilton, Los Angeles, and, in 2003, at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art. Select museum group exhibitions include the Hammer, Torrance Art Museum, Las Vegas Art Museum, and the Chelsea Art Museum.