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Tori Wrånes Biography

Oslo-based, Norwegian artist Tori Wrånes explores Nordic myths and folklore through dreamlike narratives. Wrånes is known for her ambitious and surreal performances involving sound, prosthetics and make-up, props, kinetic sculpture, architecture, and multiple choreographed performers.

Wrånes and her performers are often set in a fantasy world. Her sculptures evoke the body without fully representing it, while her action-based abstract paintings are composed of the same silicon and pigment that forms the prosthetics of her costumes.

The vastness of her interests require her practice to take on multiple forms through video/performance, sculpture, painting, and architecture. Wrånes has also developed her own unique method of communication coined as “troll language”. Using sound to convey primal emotions and truths, the artist bypasses the structural hierarchies of language and rational thought. For Wrånes, the troll is a metaphor for the id and human fate alike; it represents our hidden truths. The result is a wide ranging, experimental, and ritualistic practice that freely draws on ancient stories and contemporary struggles to speak to the human experience of past and present.