ShulamitNazarian LosAngeles

The Armory Show 2020 – Presents

Pier 94 – Booth P21

Wendy White

711 12th Avenue
Piers 90 & 94
New York City

For The Armory Show: Presents section, Shulamit Nazarian is pleased to feature a solo installation of new works by New York-based artist Wendy White.

White will debut new multi-canvas and custom framed paintings featuring the artist’s iconic rainbows, rainclouds, and hearts. With these works, White continues to question Americana lexicons by amalgamating vintage advertisements, art historical gestures, and consumerist logos. The artist will also present an installation made of her quintessential wood paneling, carpeted interior, and jean-covered sculptures. Utilizing denim – a typical American fabric associated with labor and a sense of Western self-reliance – the artist will introduce a new sculpture, that doubles as furniture, from her ongoing Jeans series.